Saturday, January 31, 2015

Chicago Day 2

Hopefully, the forlorn look of this De Brazza's
Monkey helps you feel pity for me
Okay, I'll be the first to admit this is technically Day Three; but as I spent so much of Day Two on my feet I had a bath last night and then crawled into my bed and fell asleep.

So here's Day Two with Day Three to Follow Later Tonight!

Day Two I started out by hitting registration at ALA MidWinter, which was pretty easy as I registered online ahead of time and because I caught the first bus, so there were about six people in line ahead of me (for context, there are currently around 10,000+ people attending the event).

Afterwards I followed my wife's suggestion and headed down to the Lincoln Park Zoo, and specifically both the Ape and Monkey Areas.

On the way back to my hotel I checked out the Original Mr. Beef (and yes, it is definitely worth the side trip) and then hit the Exhibit Hall - if you've never gone to an ALA Exhibit Hall opening, I strongly recommend it - lots of Library Folk, often free food (and sometimes drink), and just a great way to meet and greet all sorts of people.

According to my Activity tracker I walked 17.6 kilometres yesterday (which is roughly 10.9 miles for my American readers), and was therefore exhausted at the end of it all.

Later tonight - what I did today!

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