Friday, January 9, 2015

Things I've noticed: The Power of Sandwiches

Not my photo, but YUM!
To begin, I'm not any sort of social media expert.

I've been on Facebook since 2008, had a blog since 2009, did some coursework online and have coordinated a series of online interviews for a division of the American Library Association (ALA), but for all that I still don't know how to make Reddit work or how to represent myself on Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram (although I do have a Flickr account!)

And last year I finally bit the bullet and started on Twitter (after a lunch at the 2014 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia where people exchanged Twitter handles rather than business cards) and since then I've happily tweeted with 10 to 20 retweets or favourites to mark my twitter-based impact.

However, I have noticed is that if you reference a writer or a sandwich, you get significantly more views.  My current record for views is in the 2000s, and referred to the introduction of the recent Penguin Horror edition of Frankenstein.  Also sandwiches get a remarkable amount of feedback.

So there you go - tweet about writers or sandwiches, or perhaps writers eating sandwiches, and watch the retweets fly!

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