Sunday, February 1, 2015

Chicago Day 4

Although I'm good to go - the current Blizzard Alert
here may be asking me to extend my stay...
So here we are at the end of my trip - I've pack my bags and am writing this blog before I pack the laptop and then I attempt to disconnect from my hotel (which I'm sure will be fine - although Chicago herself (himself?  Does Chicago have a masculine or feminine identity?) seems to want me to stick around (see left).

I've got one more session at the Conference this morning and then a last swing through the exhibit hall before I say farewell to ALAMW15 and get to the warmer climates of Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA.

In the end I've had a great amount of fun, had some really interesting sessions and hit not one, not two, but THREE Used Bookstores, increasing both my Charles de Lint and Dennis Wheatley collections!

I've had some pretty amazing food, and although I'm pretty sure the chocolate used for Dunkin Donuts Chocolate Dip donut is simply a melted down candy bar, it was still pretty tasty.

Catch you on the flippity-flop y'all!

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