Monday, February 2, 2015

Chicago Day 5

So yeah...

My flight yesterday was cancelled, but due to the fast work of my lovely wife and children, I had a new hotel booked, a new flight arranged and two more days to hang out in Chicago.

The trip to and from the airport yesterday (Air Canada helpfully told me my flight was on schedule until well after I had arrived at the airport, found it cancelled, made other arrangements, and headed back into the city) was pretty awful, apparently this was Chicago's fifth worst snowstorm ever.

So with another day and a half to myself I went back to the conference, attended the YALSA Youth Media Awards (which you can read the results about here) which were pretty fun, and got to see Chicago covered in snow (at right is a picture of a fire escape I came across which may have lead up to a fine view, but not back to my hometown - that will have to wait for Tuesday).

Now fingers crossed, I hope to enter my final Chicago entry tomorrow and be home with my loved ones tomorrow night.

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