Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ominous Clouds Approach (a.k.a. I may be getting sick)

For the last few days I've been getting that ominous feeling you sometimes have when a cold is on the way.  Sort of a, not feeling too bad but something is certainly heading in your direction and if you can hide behind a mailbox before it gets here you should give that a try.

So now that I've come to work the last few days on a comforting cocktail of tea and DayQuill (making sure to stay a comfortable distance from my coworkers and keep myself properly hydrating), I think I'm getting ready to call it a loss to the common cold.

Also I'm not a fan of when co-workers come into the office obviously sick, and as I'm edging closer to that myself it may be time to give everyone (especially me) a bit of a rest.

For me, the worst part of the who thing is that fact that I won't be able to do much reading/watching/gameing for the next few days as it will all end up either being immediately forgotten or in the best case smushed together into some sort of unrecognizable blob of plot, character and sudden twists...

You may have won this time cold, but next time... next time... (that bit would be funnier if you knew I sounded like Doctor Claw right now)

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