Thursday, July 21, 2016

Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond

Last night I took my BFF Mike out to see the latest film in the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek Beyond.  We saw the movie as part of a marathon, Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness, and the newest instalment back to back, in IMAX.

First of all - IMAX is pretty much the best way to watch epic Science Fiction, the images move beyond enthralling and simply become immersive (also my inner thirteen-year-old was reawakened as the giant-sized screen works to make me feel smaller, like a kid again).

In the latest film (written by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung, and directed by Justin Lin) , the series moves beyond the original films and heads into new territory.

The film is a lot of fun, filled with high levels of action and a seriously strange new world, and although it is a sort of bitter-sweet experience, due to the recent passing of actor Anton Yelchin (who plays Checkov), I had a pretty great time.  From my point of view it was a vast improvement on Star Trek Into Darkness and it brought back a crucial element to my science fiction adventure film experience...

It was a lot of fun!

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