Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Impressions: The Event

Continuing on with my look at the new genre series of the fall 2010 season, today we'll take a quick look at The Event. As mentioned previously, the show played up the Event as something big that may or may not have even fallen under the category of a genre work.

Here's what I can say about the show, it played with timelines leading up to the event (much like issue one of Y: the last man - which I love), it introduced us to a whole lot of characters; presidents, prisoners, parents, etc., it has a very good leading man (I've been a fan of Jason Ritter since I saw him in The Class - Joan of Arcadia is still on my "To Be Watched" list), who is quickly relatable and comes across as the kind of guy you might want to follow throughout many seasons of a show.

I'm a little annoyed that the pilot doesn't give us any sort of premise to follow (basically, SOMETHING happened), I mean, with Lost - even though the mysteries of the island were clearly only being hinted at in the pilot, you started with a plane crash and people having to survive on a deserted island, it didn't tell you everything, but at least you knew where the first half dozen episodes were going to go. I'm not sure what will happen next on The Event.

Due largely to the acting of Jason Ritter however, I will stick around for a couple more episodes to find out (and may keep watching after that if the show manages to hook me.)

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