Monday, September 6, 2010

Movie Review: Machete


Yesterday I went to see the new film Machete, which I've been looking forward to ever since I saw the trailer back in 2007 when I saw Grindhouse with my BFF Mike and sat in awe at the awesomeness that was Machete.

As much as I enjoyed Planet Terror and put up with Death Proof (sorry everyone, I don't drive so car movies don't have a lot of appeal to me), The kinetic energy that filled that two minutes of trailer had me wondering why there couldn't actually be a real Machete film.

And yesterday I finally got to see it.

The movie is great, the action is top notch (although definitely bloody), and in addition to the action I was pretty impressed by the films sense of humour. If you've seen Robert Rodriguez's Desperado films you already have a pretty good idea of the kind of film this is, only the action here is ramped up even further. I was simply blown away by Danny Trejo - an actor I've seen as Cop, Prisoner, Bartender or Biker in dozens of films - there is nothing else to say but, he is Machete (a man who is so awesome all references to him need to be in bold).

Like a lot of action movies, you do have to be in a specific mindset to watch Machete, but keeping that in mind, the film is great. Without a doubt it will end up on my DVD shelf, and know I simply sit and hope that the film does expand into the proposed trilogy that the star and director have been suggesting may occur.

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