Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things I've noticed: My style of videogaming may be weird

Over the last week my kids have been playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii non-stop.

Hold on - I guess I should put some sort of context to the term non-stop, as your definition is surely different than mine. When I say non-stop I mean they play for a couple hours (2-3) each day.

We borrowed the game from my younger brother who played it for eight to ten hours a day (this was before he went back to school) and finished the game in just under a week.

Personally, my gaming habit is to play 60 to 90 minutes twice a week (early Saturday and Sunday mornings).

I suppose all of us (my kids, brother, the readers of this post, and myself) all consider the amount of time we spend playing videogames “normal,” but when I explain to others how I play my games (two to three hours a week, one game at a time, until I’ve finished the game), I’m often met with strange looks – as if the way I’m playing is somehow wrong.

I have lots of friends who juggle multiple games for multiple platforms, but personally I like the style wherein I spend a couple hours a week actively playing and then take five days to think about what I’ll do next. In addition, because my local library now loans games and my newer consoles (PS3 and Wii) can both save my progress, I have a much larger catalogue of games to choose from.

In addition I have a couple games which get played on a yearly basis (on New Year’s Eve), Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Katamari Damacy – both of which I’ve been working on steadily for 5-10 hours a year for the last five years.

It’s funny, but until I started comparing my time spent gaming with other people, I thought my way was the normal way – I mean, how else would you play a video game?

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