Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I've noticed: Thinking about a month of Twilight is scary

Dear Readers:

By this time next week I'll be working on a month's worth of posts focusing on the Twilight Series. Yup, almost 2500 pages, three movies, three soundtracks, two teams, and millions of screaming Twi-hards have caught my attention, causing me to devote a month to a series of books about vampires that glitter.

I'm hoping to keep to the same schedule I usually blog, but for the entire month of October I will be focusing on one of the most popular horror series of all time, and to be fair, one of the ones that scares me the most (for example, the fact that this series is considered horror scares me).

I'll do my best to give the series an honest look, from the point of view of a father of two teenaged girls who have read or are reading all of the books, as well as from the point of view of a fan of both horror and vampire-specific fiction.

If you don't like Twilight, and the idea of reading about me reading it over a month makes you want to stop visiting my blog, I understand. Just keep two things in mind:

1) If you read my blog throughout October you will become much more knowledgeable about the world of Twilight.

2) As of November I'll be back to my regular style post (first up, a review of the AMC series The Walking Dead - which premieres on Halloween)

For those of you brave enough to enter this frightening world with me - Thanks!

Your pal,

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