Monday, October 11, 2010

Twilight of Bookmonkey: Day Eleven

Good morning and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone! Rather than playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 like I have been in the early weekend mornings, I spent the last two hours watching the motion picture Twilight, and I did it all for you.

Book-wise I've just finished Eclipse, which I believe was the latest book out before the film release. Considering I have seen the movie before (I watched it with my then-11-year-old daughter Kaia when it first came out), I'll give you my impressions, both good and bad, having now read the source material.

The Good:
1) I really liked both Billy Burke (who played Bella's dad Charlie) and Cam Gigandet (who played the evil James). The leads were better than I remembered, but as both characters take themselves very seriously, they are easily mocked.

2) The music is pretty great (I'm talking about the soundtrack rather than the score), I've actually seen MUSE in concert and a lot of the other tunes were pretty catchy. I'll be looking at the soundtrack in its own post later this week.

3)The two highlights of the film for me were the baseball scene and the end fight (which thankfully appeared in the movie rather than being reported after the fact, like in the book). The cut scenes of the evil vampires getting closer did build tension in a way the book doesn't until the baseball game. Also the author cameo was cute, as was the (unintentional) reference to Peter Facinelli's work in the TV series Nurse Jackie (which is really REALLY good).

The Bad

1) The effects are pretty weak - with the exception of the fight scene at the end, the vampire effects look pretty rushed.

2) The movie glossed over evil vampire James' back story, specifically his thwarted hunt of Alice (one of the Cullens), that made his hunt for Bella significantly more understandable in the novel.

3) The Score. I actually purchase a lot of scores for films (the instrumental music played in the background of films), so I always have an ear out for music I might want to pick up. It may have been due to the higher quality of the songs throughout, but I just found the score was lacking, which definitely took away from my enjoyment of the film.

In the end, the movie was, like the novel, OK. I wouldn't own it (I watched my now 13-year-old daughter's copy). Like any number of films based on young adult books it appealed to its target audience, of which I am not. I've seen better, I've seen worse.

Next I'm on to Breaking Dawn.

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