Monday, October 25, 2010

Twilight of Bookmonkey: Day Twenty-Five

I just finished New Moon - and you know what, with the exception of the things I didn’t like in the novel (Bella spending months doing nothing as Edward left), and the fact that the original is definitely a better film, there were a few ways I prefered this movie to the original.

The colour of the movie (warm browns) and the visual effects were significantly better than the first film. The music was also quite good (although playing a slow dirge-like song while having a pack of werewolves chase a vampire through a forest seemed like a strange choice). I still liked Billy Burke in the small role of Bella’s father, and both Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning were effectively scary as members of the Volturi (the royal family of the vampire world), the score was also significantly better than that of the first film.

On the negative side, the film drags a lot, it’s pacing seemed kind of strange and the sequence where Edward leaves Bella made me think of the kid from The Yearling sending away his deer (it is interesting that as much as the Cullen’s resent other vampires considering Bella a “family pet,” they treat her like a pet they would like to get rid of when they move. Also (and this is the fault of the source material), Victoria comes across as a cameo rather than a threat - although she kills people in this film, it’s all off screen and therefore doesn’t seem to be to much of a threat.

In the end the film was ok, unlike the first film it did actually have some horrific parts in it (I mentioned these in my review of the book), and as the characters had been set up in the previous film, there was very little explanation needed in this film.

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