Friday, October 15, 2010

Twilight of Bookmonkey: Day Fifteen

I'm now halfway through Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final volume in the Twilight Series, and I've got one big question.

How exactly are they making not one, but two movies out of this book?

Basically the series breaks down as follows for me:

Twilight: Girl meets boy - boy is vampire, vampiric baggage nearly kills girl

New Moon: Feeling bad, the boy leaves - girl freaks out, finds out best friend is a werewolf and emotionally abuses him, then runs away to save vampire boyfriend who abandoned her

Eclipse: Vampiric baggage from first book rears its ugly head threatening all, vampire and werewolf (who are natural enemies) make up to protect girl, Twilight baggage is destroyed, promise of vampirism for girl is made, werewolf runs off into the wild

Breaking Dawn: ...Ummm...well, there's some...Unneccessary padding...

To be fair, maybe something will happen in the second half of the book, but so far its a lot of nothing, and when I say a lot, I mean it; the first half of the book is as long as the first book in the series and not a lot happens. The couple gets married and have a kid, the werewolf comes back and is conflicted... really I'm finding it difficult to think of exactly how this becomes even one film, but apparently they're breaking it into two - pretty weird if you ask me.

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