Thursday, January 6, 2011

Things I've Noticed: Midseason 2011 is here!

Yesterday I was happy to see that my PVR is finally starting to get emptied, as over the Christmas holidays we can finally catch up on the shows we’ve been saving for a while now. What did I watch? Rubicon (very underrated, I liked it a lot), and the Showcase Series Lost Girl (which will probably get a genre character post next week). What do I still have, Season 2 of Being Human and the first season of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.

Problem is, with mid-season replacements showing up right away, I’ve got to decide which new shows I’ll add to my already busy schedule. In the end I’ve picked three (and one pilot), so, for your reading pleasure, here we go!

1. The Cape
The new Superhero show from NBC – it looks a little more Batman than Superman, but what the heck, I liked No Ordinary Family over on ABC, and as it’s a superhero show and therefore its chances of success are pretty slim to none, I’m going to give the first few episodes a shot.

Put simply enough – Kathy Bates. Ever since she scared the crap out of me in Misery I’ve watched pretty much everything she’s been in. I already have a lot of legal shows I’m watching, but this one will get a fair shake due to its star power.

3. Off The Map
Following a bunch of Doctors in a remote South American village. I dunno, I followed a bunch of airline passengers to Hawaii for Lost and I was happy with how that worked out.

Finally, they are doing a North American Remake of the BBC series Being Human. I tend to find remakes of shows I already like hit or miss, so I’ll give it the pilot, but that’s it.

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