Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things I've Noticed: Waiting a week for the new movie can be cool

So this weekend I’m not going to be seeing the film The Green Hornet in theatres. I’ll be checking it out next week as either a date night movie with my lovely bride or as a buddy movie with my BFF Mike (Sorry Mr. Guy, but you know the old saying - wives before... uh... you).

Anyway, there are a couple reasons why I’ll be waiting a week to see the year’s first superhero flick and here they are.

1) The theatres are always pretty crowded opening weekend (pictured above). I’ve seen a lot of movies over the years separated from friends, forced to sit in either the extreme front (Dracula 1992) or the extreme back (The Lion King 1994) so as I’ve gotten a little older and wiser, I sometimes wait a week before seeing a popular movie.

2) Oscar season is ramping up, and as I’m one of those folks who like to see all the nominees if possible, I may check out either Black Swan, The King’s Speech, or True Grit, which are all playing at my local theatre instead.

3) My kids are both seeing it this weekend, and they have reached an age where Dad isn’t necessarily a cool movie buddy anymore (not for every movie, but definitely for ones they would like to see with friends).

In the end I’m happy to wait a week, as my waiting has protected me from seeing many films that were downright awful (I waited a week after Transformers came out, and in the end decided to take a pass – best movie-related decision of 2007).

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