Monday, May 23, 2011

Book Review: Marvel Zombies

Having been a huge fan of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead for years now, I thought it was time to check out some of his other material. Rather than start with Invincible (which my BFF Mike says is amazing) or The Astounding Wolf-Man (which sounds pretty cool as well), I started with his five-issue mini series, Marvel Zombies.

First of all - a quick note, although you don't technically need to read it, the back story for the comic starts in Ultimate Fantastic Four 21-23, written by Mark Millar. Basically the story involves zombie versions of the Fantastic Four from another dimension attempting to break into the mainstream Marvel Universe. The are stopped by the regular Fantastic Four and the Zombie universe's version of Magneto (who is not yet a zombie) and permanently close the door on a possible zombie invasion.

Marvel Zombies starts here - with Magneto having a short-lived success on the Zombie-side of the dimensional portal. After that we get a very interesting zombie story - one from the point of view of the infected. We see how the heroes of this universe have already killed almost all of the remaining food in their world and are beginning to starve. Each comic has at least one idea that creeps me out (Spider-man ate his wife and aunt), and those ideas get progressively creepier as the story moves on.

The story was so popular when it came out that a series quickly followed (much of it written by Kirkman), and although I haven't read it, I sure would like to - this was some scary stuff, and if you always wanted to know what would happen if all the Marvel super-heroes were turned into zombies, look no further.

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