Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things I've Noticed: It is easy to fall behind with my Internet Content

I’m a big believer in lists, stacks and boxes. I try to keep running tallies of the books, shows, comics, movies and various other mediums of entertainment in my life that I’d like to be enjoying, and although generally I’m pretty good at this, there is one specific area in which I fall desperately behind – Online Content.

Some of my favourite shows of the last few years have been online ones; The Guild, The Nostalgia Critic (and Chic), The Angry Video Game Nerd and The Legend of Neil consistently keep me amused, and often when my BFF Mike comes over to hang out I inflict many of these shows on him.

Over the last month I’ve been watching the various Monster Madness Reviews on – basically a series of 3-10 minute reviews of horror classics that have been going up for the last few Octobers, and after finishing the latest one I decided to catch up with the last few Nostalgia Critic episodes I’ve missed – it turns out there are 37 of them!

A quick side-note – I’m a pretty big fan of this online reviewer and have had very few bad experiences watching his reviews, and he generally only puts out a new one each week. This means that while I was spending time with my family or working on my University Degree, I’ve let just over three dozen episodes slip by.

I wish that I could find an online site that lets me keep track of these shows, that gives me a place to remind me which episode was the last one I viewed and perhaps even lets me make notes about the videos (whether I liked them or not, and interesting notes I want to keep) – so if such a site exists, and you know about it – quit keeping all the info to yourself and share with a frustrated bookmonkey!

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