Friday, May 20, 2011

Things I've Noticed: It's My Daughter's Birthday tomorrow!

...and for me that means getting to take the day off today.

Here's how it goes - just before my oldest daughter (currently in Nova Scotia learning French the Immersion way), turned ten I decided I wanted to spend a day with my daughter while she was still nine. So on the Day before her birthday we went to West Edmonton Mall (as a local Edmontonian I tend to visit The Mall just this side of never - it's a tourist place) and hung out at the water-park. This went over so well, it became a tradition.

So today I'm taking my youngest daughter out for the last day of her thirteenth year - we'll eat tasty, yet terrible food, hit a couple book stores, a chocolate shop, maybe take in a movie, and I won't be messing up her actual birthday plans with friends.

Anyway, this entirely new tradition (not that new actually as I've been doing it for a decade now) is one of the highlights of my year - I'm out of work - she gets pulled out of school and we just have a pretty awesome day.

Happy Day before your birthday Kaia!

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