Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Genre Character of the Week: Gwen Cooper

Yesterday I started watching Torchwood: Miracle Day with my youngest daughter and about halfway through I realized that I had never done a Genre character of the week for anyone from the series as of yet, so this week lets focus on my favourite character, Gwen Cooper.

As soon as I typed in her name I hit a pretty tricky dilemma; Torchwood is filled with plot-twisting goodness and just finished it's fourth season, and if you haven't ever seen the series before, I don't want to wreck anything for you (honestly, if you've never seen the series before, go on and check it out - it is significantly darker than its parent series, Doctor Who, but at the same time, rides the really hard to find line between Horror and Science Fiction with some of the most wondrous and creepy stories I've ever come across in television).

So, what to say about my favourite character from the show without giving away any spoilers, okay, here goes.

1) In 2006 Gwen entered the series as a police officer in the city of Cardiff
2) She is portrayed amazingly by actress Eve Myles
3) She ends up tied as (mild spoiler) my favourite character of the Doctor-Who-niverse (is that a real word?)

For those of you in the mood for a darker series, Torchwood is a great place to start, and after you check it out, I can tell you all why I like the character so much.

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