Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things I've Noticed: Life with a short arm cast can be interesting

I've got a week left with my cast on - next Thursday they'll be taking it off and hopefully the x-rays they take will allow them to leave it off.

Having spent the last three weeks wearing a cast here is what I've learned:

1) No matter how cool you think casts are, they are not worth breaking a bone over.
2) As I broke a bone in the wrist of my dominant hand, my handwriting has suffered significantly
3) I can type, but I need to take my time and a number of breaks
4) I miss just being able to go for a walk without carrying an emergency garbage bag and elastic band in case of rain.
5) People are actually quite interested in casts, and will go out of their way to come and talk to you about it.

In the end, I'm really REALLY looking forward to being finished with my arm cast, but it hasn't been all bad - also getting people to sign my cast has been a real hoot.

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