Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things I've Noticed: FREEDOM!

Finally! After weeks and weeks of confinment in my fibreglass prison I am free to wreck my vengeance upon humanity! Lock me away will you? Now nothing can come between me and my plans for... ummm... I dunno...

(Sound of embarrased Bookmonkey attempting to think of a quick plan)

All right, honestly my biggest plans right now involved taking a shower without wrapping my arm in a towel and stuffing it in a garbage bag for good measure, and also work, and blogging, and sleeping without accidently wacking my wife with my cast in my sleep.

A quick thanks to my BFF Mike for handling my anniversary post as I was in no position to write it myself.

Right now I'm feeling pretty great - looking forward to exercising and doing all the things I was unable to do while I was incapacitated, also looking forward to my family no longer bothering me about how much I complained about my enforced imprisonment.

I'm FREE!!!

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