Sunday, April 1, 2012

Book Review: Elephantmen #2: Fatal Diseases

Back at the end of 2011 I wrote about my favourite science fiction of the year, and among that list was Elephantmen volume 1: Wounded Animals, by Richard Starkings, which introduced me to a world where giant hybrid animals (kind of like the teenaged mutant ninja turtles, but bigger, like elephants, crocodiles and rhinos) who, having been raised for war but have since been released, were now attempting to make their way in an obviously Blade-Runner inspired universe.

Last week I read the second volume, Fatal Diseases, which continued the story introduced in the first volume, and continues to develop the main characters of Obadiah Horn (Rhino), Hieronymus Flask (Hippo/Detective) and Ebenezer Hyde (Elephant/Detective) as they continue trying to live their lives in a strange new world.

First things first, the art in these books is incredible - seriously some of the most beautiful stuff I've seen in comics period.

Secondly, I love the stories and character development throughout.

Finally - there are many explosions, mixing mystery with scenes of high action. Basically everything I loved about the ninja turtles but with great writing to boot.

Seriously - if you can get your hands on this series, check it out!

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