Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things I've Noticed: Wow, We had a lot of snow today

All right, I'll admit that as a guy who is usually focusing this blog on my own Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction interests there isn't usually a place for weather, but today was something else.

Here is Sunny Edmonton, Alberta, Canada we've had a pretty mild winter, some snow, some days where we needed to have heat packets and heavy parkas but nothing too bad (we are a considered a northern city by some), but over the last week we've had some pretty good weather; I switched to my lighter jacket, stopped carrying my monkey-themed snow hat and even began carrying my books and lunch in a regular bag rather than a heavy duty one.

I took today off from work to run a few errands, (updating government documents, doing my taxes, etc.) and figured, "hey, with weather as nice as this, it will be a lovely day to sit in various government offices reading my latest Matheson and drinking tasty coffee.

This morning I woke up to some crazy heavy snow, basically the really nasty stuff, non-stop, wet and unpleasant. So of course I decided to trek out and do my errands anyway.

My bus stalled a few times taking me into the downtown core, but once I got down there it wasn't so bad at all - mostly because I stayed indoors. Very few people decided to brave the weather so I worked my way through those various government offices at a pretty nice speed and got some good reading in as well.

Of course as soon as I stepped back outside the snow had melted enough to flood both of my boots and drop giants gobs of itself down the back of my jacket.

Actually, now that I'm home it's a pretty nice day. Long Weekend of video games, reading and hanging out with my family, here I come!

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