Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lost Girl Season 2 Review

As a Canadian I’m always happy to see Horror, Fantasy or Science Fiction coming from my own country and on television that goes as well. So when Showcase started airing a little show in 2010 called Lost Girl, I was definitely excited. Here we had a show focusing on a succubus in an urban fantasy setting and it included all sorts of crazy fairy creatures (which are called Fae in both the show and the folklore).

My original opinion of the show is listed here, but now it’s time to move on to the second season. Obviously some spoilers will follow as we are talking about season two.

First off, unlike the first season, when the competition from the major networks were pushing heavy Science Fiction fare like The Event andNo Ordinary Family, this season offered a lot of competition for Lost Girl from the major networks in the states with series like Once Upon A Time (which I prefer to call, let’s take all the great ideas and concepts from Fables and ruin them) and Grimm (which I like to call – Lost Girl (US Version))

Season Two follows up the appearance of Bo’s (the succubus) mother from the first season (sorry for the spoiler, but what can I do), Dyson spends the majority of the second season dealing with the fact that he gave up his love of Bo to help her deal with her mother at the end of season one (again, sorry!), and overall the season moves away from the new-kid-in-town vibe of season one and into a closer examination of the world of the Fae in this season.

The writing is great, the acting is well done (again with many of the best lines going to my favourite character, Bo’s human friend Kenzie), and overall I think it was a strong season.

In the next couple of weeks season one is going to show up on DVD and you know what? I think I’ll be picking it up.

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