Monday, January 7, 2013

Book Review: She Wakes

For the last few months I’ve been reading the early novels of Jack Ketchum, the first three, Off SeasonHide & Seek, and Cover – were all effective horror stories showing a very dark version of our world – no supernatural monsters, aliens or ghosts involved, just a shocking and often terrifying look at what one human being can do to another.

Last week I finished Ketchum’s fourth published book, She Wakes, which involves a supernatural evil and is set in Greece .  To be fair, I’ve always been a big fan of Classical Mythology (which is probably why I enjoyed the Percy Jackson and Latro of the Mists books), but even with the basic knowledge that gave me going in I was shocked (in a good way) at how well Mr. Ketchum put together this story, which starts out eerie, moves into ominous and ends like a hiker seeing an approaching avalanche from the valley below.

For fans of Supernatural horror it is a great read.  For me it was another example of how well this man knows his craft

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