Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Genre Character of the Week: Mister Pullman

Normally I don't do this - if I'm reading a book that I'll be discussing at one of my book clubs in the near future, I tend to hold off on discussing aspects of the text on my blog until after the meeting.  This month I've been reading The Unwritten a comic book series written by Mike Carey and art by Peter Gross.  I would consider the story as a dark fantasy.  The reason I'm writing about it now, rather than early next month, is that I totally loved the main villain, Mister Pullman.
Staying away from spoilers (and The Unwritten has a lot of those) Pullman works for... hmmm...
Okay, Pullman has just about the creepiest power (curse?) I've seen in comics to date, you see, when he... right, no spoilers.
This just got much harder than I expected.
Okay - go read The Unwritten - the first six Trades are currently available for purchase.  It's pretty great, there is a heck of lot going on, and oce you've seen Mister Pullman in action, I think you'll see why I think he's such an interesting villain.

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