Friday, January 18, 2013

Things I’ve Noticed: MIB3 Something The Third Time is the Charm

Back in 1997 my BFF Mike took me out to see the film Men In Black, and honestly I thought it was a lot of fun, the aliens were weird and cool, the concept was weird and fun, and the chemistry between it’s two stars, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones was a lot of fun.
So fun in fact that when Men in Black 2 came out in 2002 I checked it out with my BFF Mike and my lovely wife.

Not a good decision.

Honestly as much fun as Men in Black was, Men in Black 2 was not.  I thought the concept was kind of old, the story felt contrived and the ending really bugged me (for whatever reason, reality in a marble seemed okay, reality in a bus station locker, not so much).

So I've got to say I'm pretty suprised by how much I enjoyed Men in Black 3.  The story is a time travel one, allowing our lead to travel back in time and play the experienced partner to the man who would become his mentor.  The story was sharp, the aliens fun, and Josh Brolin's performance of Agent K has to be  seen to be believed.

Although I never said I would eat my hat if I ever went to another Men in Black film, if I had, I certainly would, brim and all.

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  1. Z was my superior. In all the years I knew him, he never gave away anything personal about himself, nor did he invite me to his house. Thank you.
    -Agent K

    Best. Eulogy. Ever.