Sunday, March 16, 2014

Angry Birds Star Wars and Me

Although I've definitely slowed down in my video game playing in my last month of Grad School, there has been one key exception, I've been playing Angry Birds Star Wars on my iPhone.

The game, which works exactly like classic Angry Birds (funny I use the word classic for a game that is not even five-years-old yet), allows you to destroy pig-filled structures across Tatooine, the Death Star, Hoth, Cloud City, The Moon of Endor, and the second Death Star, with all the things you've come to love in Angry birds, a fine sense of humour, great easter eggs and the consistent urge to do the level again doing just a little more damage or using maybe one less bird.

I finished the game yesterday, but am now going back to random levels and working at them until I have them all done at a three-star rating (the game rates each level you complete based on how many birds you use and how much damage is done), and still have many levels to finish before I can say I've finished the game completely.

In fact, while typing this blog I've just competed one more!  I've now got 423 stars to my name!

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