Friday, April 4, 2014

My MLIS Degree: facts and figures

From September 2011 to April 2014 I've been balancing work and homelife with my attempt to get a Masters degree in Library and Information Studies.

Having finished up the course work yesterday, I thought it would be nice to look at some of the facts I came up with regarding my time in Grad School:

Student Type: Part-Time, Course Based
Time to Complete: 32 months (2.66 years)
Total Courses: 18 (15 3-credit and 3 1-credit)
Course type breakdown: 37.5% Daytime, 37.5% Night/Weekend, 25% Online
Textbooks purchased: 10 (favourite? Work the Pond, by Darcy Rezac)
Required Reading purchased: 10 (favourite? Saga volume 1 by Vaughan and Staples)

Presentations: 12 (favourite? Comic book-themed poster session)
Group Assignments: 11 (favourite?  Using a Monkey puppet in 501)
Times I Used my blog for coursework: 2 (I can’t believe this is for Grad school moment? Researching a “Saw”-themed reality TV series)
Times I made a YouTube videos as project: 1 (I’m particularly proud of the bear)
Times I used ice cream as work incentive?: 6
Ice cream still owed to other classmates? 1

Popular culture purchased and left to wait on my selves
Untouched Games: 5 (4 video, 1 board – First Up, The Wolf Among Us)
Untouched TV seasons: 12 (Oldest Unseen? Season 4 of The Unit)
Untouched Movies: 10 (Oldest Unseen?  Castle in the Sky)
Untouched Books: 8 (boxes of books sitting in my garage)
Untouched Comics: 18 (Largest Unread Collection? Fatale by Brubaker & Phillips)

Book and Articles recommended by other MLIS Candidates I still want to read
Untaken Course Reading lists: 3 (top of the list – LIS 510: Storytelling)
Recommended Books: 31 (most books recommended by @GreatStuffDiego)
Course Textbook I’ll reread: 4 (starting with Reality is Broken)
Most recommended book: Bowling Alone, by Robert Putnam
Most recommended comic: Batman, by Scott Snyder

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