Thursday, May 13, 2010

Darn it ABC!?! Why are you going all FOX on me?

I'm used to disappointment with FOX and genre shows... Firefly was one of my favourite shows and it seemed the network couldn't wait to get it off the air. Wonderfalls was one of most incredible fantasy shows I have ever seen, and my wife and I spent a season chasing the show from new night to new night, from 9:00pm showings to 2:15am showings. Even the grand-daddy of modern SF, The X-Files had to fight FOX season by season to stay on the air.

At first it hurt, then it started feeling like the network was singling my favourite shows out, but eventually I realized that if I wanted quality TV which would stick around, FOX was not going to be my best friend. So I moved to specialty networks like HBO, Showtime and the BBC (which is considered special here in Canada), and trusted that if I wanted to watch a new genre show, I should pay more attention to the big three ABC, CBS, and NBC.

Today I read that ABC has cancelled two of my favourite shows of the last couple of years, Better off Ted (pictured right), one of the funniest mad-scientist-meets-1984 shows ever made and Flashforward, a Science Fiction show that focused on personal drama rather than flash and special effects. They sure renewed V, though.

This is why I shouldn't watch new shows until they are established. I'm always following the shows that go away. Pushing Daisies - amazing premise, wonderful writing, amazing... wait, never mind that critical praise, you've been cancelled. Jericho, following a small town in a post-apocalytic nightmare, we loved you (Although Skeet Ulrich should have ended up with the school teacher rather than his ex - what were they thinking!), we even sent nuts to the CBS to get you renewed, but sorry, that wasn't good enough.

It's all right, I'll start following the new genre shows next year like normal. I just wish that every once in a while the good ones would get to keep going.

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