Tuesday, May 11, 2010

RIP Frank Frazetta

On Monday Frank Frazetta died. For those of you unfamiliar with the guy, he was a massively influential fantasy artist, who for me played no small part in my childhood interest in Sword and Sorcery books. I can still remember being a little kid (grade four or five) and digging through boxes of books at a garage sale, hoping for something that might catch my attention – I was into Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books a lot back then, when I came across my first true Sword & Sorcery book – Conan the Usurper (pictured left). I didn’t know who Conan was at the time, but I sure knew that based on the cover art alone, I was going to spend the 50 cents I had for this book.

Over the years I came across his artwork on everything from Puzzles to Album covers, and I’ve got to say, I can’t think of a piece of his that I didn’t like. Back when I was a little kid and still (mostly) judged my genre books by the cover, he never steered me wrong.

Thanks Frank, we’ll miss you.

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