Monday, May 24, 2010

TV Series Review: Lost

As a genre blogger I'm pretty sure there is a by-law somewhere that states I'm supposed to do a post giving my take on the Lost series finale. Personally I like to take a look at a whole series rather than simply one episode, so I figure I'll give you my overall impressions of the series.

Short Answer - I liked it.

Long answer - without going into too much detail or giving away spoilers I can basically say this. If you are a fan of a story with well developed characters and really good character arcs, this is a show you will enjoy. It's kind of funny, the original concept of the show is about a bunch of people trapped on a mysterious island, but eventually the mystery began to take a back seat to character development.

Structure-wise I was a huge fan of the flash backs, the playing around with timelines and the mysterious happenings throughout the show.

In the end i found that it kept my atttention, involved me with its characters and left me satisfied. Did it answer every question it asked? No, but it did enough for me. Is it a show for everyone - no, I honestly believe that if you watch the first season (heck, the first half of the first season) and are not enjoying yourself, you should go find another show - there are tonnes of good ones out there and maybe this show just isn't for you.

I'll definitely by buying the final season on DVD, and will be happy to have it displayed on my selves at home (that's about the best compliment I can give a TV show).

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  1. Hmmm ... maybe I'll wait if they come out with a complete all seasons DVD and try it. I was hooked watching Season 1 but gave up somewhere in Season 2 or Season 3. Can't be sure anymore.