Friday, May 28, 2010

Getting Out in the Genre Community

Last night Mike and I went to a book reading put on by my cities speculative fiction magazine, On Spec. This was the first book reading I had gone to that didn't feature the works of my BFF Mike, and although we could only stay for a while I had a pretty good time.

All the folks from On Spec magazine were quite friendly, and the audience was talkative in a good way. We watched Managing Editor Diane Walton give a reading of one the stories from the magazines latest issue - To Sleep in Peace, by Kate Riedel, a creepy story that mixed Greek vampirism with the theatre.

The entire event was very relaxed and comfortable, and I've got to say, meeting a number of writers and people interested in being writers who live in your city is a pretty fun way to spend the night. Also we got some cool notepads.

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