Sunday, March 11, 2012

Movie Review Double Feature: John Carter and Zombie 2

This weekend I managed to see not one, but two movies I've been pretty interested to check out for a while now. First up, John Carter, based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs 1912 novel A Princess of Mars the film follows a Civil War veteran who is transported to Mars (called Barsoom in the story) and gets involved in an awful lot of craziness. The story is heavy on action, feeling a heck of a lot like an Indiana Jones-style story (which should I suppose be correctly called a John-Carter-of-Mars-style story), and was full of a great mix of humour and adventure. Also bonus points for almost being a Rome reunion film (3 carry-over actors!).

Also quick note - the 3D glasses gave me a headache - catch the film in 2D if possible.

Next up Zombie 2 a 1979 classic of zombie films, directed by Lucio Fulci, this Italian zombie movie isn't actually a sequel to anything, it just got titled that way after the huge success of Dawn of the Dead in Europe. The movie works like most zombie films, in that zombies are discovered, there is a small band of main characters and the deaths are both shocking and gruesome. Although to be fair one of the deaths is so gruesome I had to watch it through my fingers as I was covering my eyes (YEEEEESH!) The movie also sports possibly the coolest fight I've ever seen:

Zombie vs. Shark

Seriously, this scene has a guy underwater dressed up in zombie makeup attacking an actual shark - honestly I have no idea how this was done as the best computer animation at the time was Pong!

Also props to my BFF Mike, who while watching the scene said my new favourite catchphrase:

"You have broken the uneasy truce... between Shark and ZOMBIE!"

Both movies were fun - I'm not sure if I'd own either, but they were both definitely worth the watch.

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