Sunday, March 4, 2012

Series Review: The Lost Room

As I rent all of my DVDs through a website called, I sometimes come across stuff I've never heard of before. Take for example the SyFy mini-series The Lost Room. This little six-episode series involves a man who finds a magic key which can be used to open any door with a keyhole - the catch? Every time you open the door it leads to to a mostly empty motel room which can then be exited to pretty much anywhere.

I suggested that my kids (14 and 19) might want to check out the first episode with my wife and me and then the funniest thing happened - my whole family started enjoying the same show. The concept was pretty cool (I'd explain more but that way lies spoilers) and the story was pretty solid. Just a neat science fiction show with a pretty fun "What if?" idea behind it.

I will also note that both my kids found the lead (played by Peter Krause) to be pretty darn appealing - but I think that may have had more to do with his dreamy eyes than with his acting (which I enjoyed by the way).

Anyway - the show is pretty cool, definitely worth the watch and had the potential to lead to an interesting series.

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  1. Yes I really enjoyed this mini series too! Strangely enough my auntie mailed me a copy as a gift - glad you came across it!