Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things I’ve noticed: Sometimes Books come to you

Yesterday morning I was sitting on a bench in Southgate mall reading my oversized fantasy novel and drinking my small coffee (Starbucks – Pike Place Blend – Short – Non-fat) when this guy sits down beside me, drinking coffee out of a travel mug (I know, I know – I’ve tried a few times, but I hate carrying extra stuff on me when I travel) and reading his own oversized fantasy novel.
We do that thing that readers do on benches – sizing each other up and wondering if we should see what the other guy is reading and then he takes the plunge, leans forward slightly and says:

“China Miéville, eh? – I really liked King Rat, and Perdido Street Station

To which I replied:

“Yup, It’s his newest, Kraken” (Which I will do a review of on Monday) and then I check out what he’s reading. It’s a book calledThe Heroes by Joe Abercrombie. He goes on to describe it as an adult fantasy book without being an adult fantasy book (which so many categorized as “Urban Fantasy” really are – and yes Sookie Stackhouse I’m looking at you – and am still reading anyway!)

He suggests that if I want to start reading the author I should start with his first novel, The Blade Itself, which he read about a year ago and really liked.

So you know what, bench guy? I’ll give it a shot – right now I’m reading the historical fiction of Canadian Jack Whyte, but once I’m done I’ll be sure to give your book a shot.

Man, it’s pretty cool when books come to you.

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