Thursday, March 8, 2012

Things I've Noticed: Fiscal Responsibility can be COOL!

When I was a kid board games came pretty cheap - you could usually count on a game of checkers or travel scrabble from the kid who was forced to come to your birthday party because his mom worked with your mom, and although you would end up playing them a lot, you didn't feel that the cost was very high.

Now as a parent, and in the era of expansion-crazy games like Zombies!!! (Which is still pretty fun) or Settlers of Cattan (also fun) I can honestly say that games are pricey, but definitely worth it.

Case in point, Arkham Horror - an H.P. Lovecraft inspired game that I first heard about when I was reading reviews for Zombies!!!, mostly in the "it's a solid game, not quite as fun as Arkham Horror, but totally worth the cash" sort of comment. As a pretty big Lovecraft fan myself, the game seemed a no-brainer, the only problem, it costs over $50 (Canadian).

So I decided that for every trip I took to the comic-book store and didn't buy anything, I would put $10 to the side and after six visits (can't forget about tax) I could pick up the game.

Last weekend I got it and this weekend I'm hoping to try it out. In some ways I think that by waiting the six weeks to save up for the game, my anticipation for playing it has gone way up and as my wife says, "sometimes I make fiscal responsibility look sexy!"

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