Sunday, July 8, 2012

Book Review: The Wind Through the Keyhole

Long-time readers of my blog will know I've got a soft spot for Stephen King, and specifically for this Dark Tower series, which happens to be one of my favourite fantasy series of all time (actually I suppose it might be my favourite Fantasy/Horror/Science Fiction series of all time, but I reserve the right to change that as I go along).  So when the book The Wind Through the Keyhole came out a few months back, I was cautious, but excited.

Cautious because the book is one of those "in-between" novels, which would fit between books four and five of the main series, and those are always a bit of a harder sell for me - I mean, I already know how everything worked out, why exactly do I care about an event that happened between the books I read five and six books back (the series overlaps with almost eighteen other books by the author, so to read the entire story you are looking at about a 22-book commitment).

Excited because these are some of my favourite characters in genre fiction and I was really excited to revisit them.

So in a nutshell - the book is great - it tells a story within a story within a story, and then brings you out again, sort of like Cloud Atlas, but with much more Dark Tower-y goodness.

The story is packed with action, thrills and enough robotics that I think my BFF Mike would like it (I got him to read the whole Dark Tower series, tie-ins and all a few years back and he liked that too!), and if you are a fan you should totally check it out.

If you haven't read any Dark Tower stories yet, go back to The Gunslinger.  It's totally worth your time and leads to an amazing series.

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