Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Genre Character of the Week: Roy, the best friend

Following the advice of a classmate, I spent the weekend watching my local libraries copy of the Norwegian film Dead Snow, in which a group of vacationing med students are set upon by nazi zombies.
Super Quick Review: Gory, Actiony Fun!
I chose Roy (not to be confused with previous GCotW Ray) as my character of the week not because he’s the most sympathetic (Martin), or the most movie-savvy (Erlend), but because he’s got my favourite line of dialogue in the movie and I can quote it as the only spoiler it gives is given away in both the trailer and the poster:
Roy: (Talking on his cell-phone) Hello,  9-1-1-?  We’ve been attacked by what look like German zombies from the Second World War.  And we set our cabin on fire by accident!
(Jerks phone away from ear)
Roy: The B**** hung up on me!
If you haven’t seen the movie before it’s totally worth it – it clearly owes a lot to both the Evil Dead movies and Shaun of the Dead, both in humour and in extreme levels of gore, but I found it a lot of fun.

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