Sunday, July 1, 2012

Series Review: A Dream of Eagles

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Today I thought I'd take a quick look at one of my favourite Canadian authors, Jack Whyte, and his most famous series, A Dream of Eagles.

To be fair, Mr. Whyte was born in Scotland, but has been living in Canada since the '60s so I think it's fair to say as a nation we've adopted him.

The series takes a look at Arthurian legend (stories of King Arthur and his round table) and focuses on it through the lens of historical fiction, attempting to view the story behind the legend, the original story of the king, the wizard the sword in the stone and Camelot and tries to put together a framework which could one day become the legend with which we are all so familiar today.

The series is great - the novels are quite big but move quickly and are filled with action, adventure and romance (which does get a bit steamy at times).  The concepts of how all these pieces might have come together to form the backbone of the legend are incredibly clever and I can honestly say that these may be my favourite books on the topic - and over the years I've read everything from La Mort D'Artur to The Mists of Avalon.

If you haven't checked these books out before they are a great treat and I really hope you enjoy them.

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