Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Genre Character of the Week: Toby (Kung Fu Rider)

Having just finished Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PS3, I’ve now moved on to a new game called Kung Fu Rider for the Playstation Move.  In it you take the role of either our genre character of the week - a private investigator named Toby, or his assistant Karin, who are attempting to escape from the mob (or to be more technically correct, the triad) through the street of Hong Kong while riding office chairs.

You know what?  That’s actually pretty much it – take a look at the attached photo and read the above paragraph and you know everything about Toby I do – the only time he even speaks in the game (past saying “I hope Karin’s all right” at the beginning of each level) is in the opening menu where he asks his assistant exactly why the mob is after them.

Reviews of the game are either pretty bad (game control seems to be a big issue) or good but with the caveat that the game is quite short. My only complaint is that I feel a little uncomfortable playing the female character as she seems pretty overtly sexual for a family game (living in a house of women I tend to notice these things).

For my money (which I didn’t actually spend – I got the game as a trade during my last used-book store run) the game is a lot of fun and the short levels mean it would do well as a game to share with company as well. 

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