Thursday, August 2, 2012

Things I've noticed: I'm kind of a nerd

Without going into too much detail (blogging about your workplace can lead to many unforseen consequences), a significant part of my new library job is being the budget tracker for my new department. 

What does that actually mean you ask? (you being the folks who didn't immediately hit the "next blog" button as soon as you read the word "budget" or I suppose the people who stuck around after I promised a lack of detail...)

It means I look over a lot of invoices, receipts, claims and forms - basically a lot of stacks of paper with their own rules which, although I had the help of a wonderful person in terms of training, all start to look pretty terrifying to me as soon as the numbers stopped adding up.

Taking a small break to solve my Rubick's Cube it suddenly struck me - I might be looking at the wrong stack of papers!  Slamming my cube down with two algorithms (sets of patterned moves I need to do to get my cube on) remaining, I dashed to the budget backlogs and indeed found what I was looking for - numbers that added up with the reports I was dealing with!

After double and triple checking my numbers and found they worked I jumped up from my seat and looked around the library for someone to share my realization with and then I saw the clock.

I realized I had stayed over 15 minutes late at work.

Then I realized I had stayed over 15 minutes late working on math problems.

Then I realized I had stayed over 15 mintues late working on math problems and I was currently looking for someone so I could brag about that fact.

So yeah - I think I'm becoming a nerd, and you know what?  It's pretty awesome.

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