Thursday, August 16, 2012

Things I've noticed: I'm a third of the way through Grad School

So last year at this time I was getting pretty excited about going to Library School - the program is designed for a two-year span if you're a full time student and right now, after taking both spring and summer classes, I'm actually a third of the way through as a part-time student.

Am I still excited?

Heck ya!

To be fair there have been assignments that really wore me out and somedays I've felt crazy for going back to school in my mid-30s, but overall I'm loving it here.

Looking ahead to the 2012/2013 school year I'm taking on a bit of a heavier load due to a scholarship I recently got, but right now I can still feel the excitement I had back on that first day when I didn't have any idea about the amount of time/work/fun/exhaustion I was about to let myself into.

A quick list of some of my other favourie thirds

3. The Empire Strikes Back - okay, I'll admit this is the second third, but holy cats was this movie awesome, and when I first saw it I could not get over how creepy it would be to be stored in froze carbonite.

2. The first Reese Peanut cup in the package - just knowing that I still have two more awesome little bites of peanut-butter and chocolate make that first cup the sweetest.

and finally,

1. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - now for those of you too young to remember (you know, those of you who are still in Elementary school - or are adult-looking clones who are actually only a few years old) this movie was amazing!  From beginning to end it was pretty much a fantastic fantasy/quest film... and the best part?  We had two more of them to look forward to over the next couple of years, yes two-thirds of a whole which added up to complete awesomeness!

Like I think the next two years will be for me!

P.S. My first thought for excellent first thrid of something was The Matrix, but considering how the second and the (ugh) third ended up, I didn't even want to tempt fate with the analogy.

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