Sunday, August 12, 2012

Animethon 19 Review

On Saturday my youngest daughter and I went down to Animethon - Edmonton's annual Anime convention (which also happens to be the longest running anime convention in Canada - next year they'll be up to 20), and had a really great time.

The cosplayers (convention attendees who showed up in costume) were amazing - Kaia's favourite was this fellow (or lady, or perhaps six small aliens pretending to be one person) dressed up as "No Face" from the film Spirited Away.

We wandered around the convention for a few hours, took in a panel called Steampunk 101 where two nice ladies explained this subculture and how to get involved, and then caught the first episode of Irresponsible Captain Tyler - a personal favourite of my daughters.

Was it fun?  Absolutely - the staff and volunteers were great, the people were incredibly friendly and everyone was happy to let you take a picture if you asked.

My daughter is definitely interested in going next year, and in all honestly - that's about the best statement of a conventions success you can make.

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  1. Now we just have to find the right people to make it happen next year so she and everyone else can go.