Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things I've Noticed: I've just entered 2007

So last week I finally decided to do what 3.3 million people did in 2007 and get myself a smartphone, specifically an iPhone4S – for those technical-minded readers among you. Although I held out for many a year, (since before my birth if you look at the original cell phones released in 1973), an instructor I had in one of my library school courses finally convinced me that I should join the modern era and get myself connected to all the texting, phoning and app-using people out there in the world who want me to join them.

The reason, you ask?  Pretty simple actually, he said that I should be handing out business cards at the many networking opportunities I will have over the course of my library school experience and that the number on those cards should still be a viable number if I move, change jobs or graduate – which means a home, school or work number would give my cards an expiry date – something you never want a business card to have.

For those of you I don’t know personally, I’ve had quite the reputation since the mid-90s regarding cell phones, mostly that they have little value, they make cell phone users into incredibly rude people to visit with and I’ll get one as soon as anyone can explain why cell phones need to be in the hands of anyone who isn’t in a job that requires emergency contact capability.

My kids have both had cell phones for years, and in their cases I can see lots of reasons why they should have cell phones, but for me?  I’m the kind of guy who still sends handwritten thank you notes through the mail, so the impersonal nature of cell phones freaks me out a little.

But never let it be said that I can’t admit when I’m wrong, and also that I can’t spruce up my new phone to make it look a little more book-ish.

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