Wednesday, February 13, 2013

First Impressions: American Horror Story

Over the last week my wife and I have been catching up with one of the big genre phenomenons of the last few years on television: American Horror Story.

At this point we're six episodes into the first season, so I thought it would be a good point to give the impressions I've had so far.

1) The opening credits kick butt - seriously, although there are a lot of great things I'm gonna say about the series (and some weird things as well), the credits, done by the same folks who've put together the opening credits for The Walking Dead, have given us a really creepy little lead in to each episode.  In addition, more and more of the imagery in the credits makes sense as you work your way through the series.

2) The musical stings are a lot of fun; borrowing from Psycho, Bram Stoker's Dracula, and even Insidious, the music is both a fun reference to older horror films and it heightens the creep-factor of the series.

3) At this point (halfway through the first season), I'm still not exactly sure where they are going with the story - which for a long-time horror fan like myself is a rare treat.

4) Connie Britton's last line in episode two (sorry - no spoilers) guaranteed that I'd be checking out episode three.

5) My wife and I had previously worked our way through Ryan Murphy's previous show,  Nip/Tuck which I quite enjoyed, and I've got to say this one is really impressing me with all the same things I liked so much about that series - well developed characters, intriguing story-lines, and a great atmosphere throughout.

Although like Nip/Tuck, this isn't an environment I'd like to visit, it sure is neat to watch.

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