Monday, February 18, 2013

Movie Review: Warm Bodies

This weekend my family and I checked out the recent supernatural romance film Warm Bodies.  Already being a fan of the original novel,  I went into the film hoping for something as intriguing and funny as a book with a zombie protagonist could be.

I loved it - the film looked great, it handled the original story in a very PG-friendly way, and honestly I was smiling most of the way through.

The main reason for this was in the two lead zombie characters, R and M (they can no longer remember their names) played by Nicholas Hoult and Rob Corddry.  Considering zombies are usually played as pretty soulless and almost a force of nature rather than individual characters, this film does a wonderful job of making each zombie an individual.

Most of what I like about the story I already stated in my post on the original novel, but I will add the casting, the music and the look of the film were all pretty great.  Also the fact that it was filmed in Canada made me happy as well.

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