Monday, August 5, 2013

The Long Weekend: Bookmonkey Style

For my readers not in Alberta Canada, we're just finishing up the August long weekend here - Heritage Day to be specific, and although I didn't really take in the Heritage Day festival this year I do feel like my long weekend was time well spent.

First of all my family got to start watching the first season of the HBO Series, The Newsroom, which has been pretty excellent so far.  

Next up, I got a good fifth of the way into the PS3 game Infamous 2, which takes the electrical-powered character from the first game and puts him in a city surrounded by ocean and swamp (he can't touch water or he'll die) - so far its been a lot of fun.

Past that I got to take my wife out for breakfast, go to one of my monthly book clubs, check out the 1971 Ken Russell film The Devils, and see a pretty neat little fantasy film called The Brass Teapot.

But now it's sleepy-time for this tired little bookmonkey, and back to work tomorrow.

G'night all!

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