Sunday, August 18, 2013

Things I've noticed: cutting down on coffee is tricky

So I'm currently working on cutting myself down to two cups of coffee a day.

I didn't actually start drinking coffee until I was about 19-years-old, because back then it was the only drink you could get free refills at when you went out for dinner (this was before bottomless soda became a thing).

In my twenties I would drink 6-8 cups a day (often more) with cream and sugar and would often have coffee late into the evening while playing tabletop role-playing games.

When I started working at a local business that had free coffee for staff I knew I had to work on cutting down.  So I dropped down to four cups a day and only decaf after lunch.

Since starting my current library job last year I've gone down to three cups and cut sugar out of my coffee entirely.

As of last Thursday I've decided to drop down to two cups.

(this might be a good place to apologize for not getting this post up on Friday like I usually do - sorry all!)

For the first time in my history of cutting down I do have a low-level headache and my wife says I'm nodding off a little in the evenings as we watch our shows.

As of day four, I feel like the headache as levelled off a bit, and I'm loving those two cups of coffee I get each day a little bit more than I did my old three-cup-a-day habit, so that's good.

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