Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Book Review: The Sculptor, by Scott McCloud


All right, this is actually my third Scott McCloud comic (following "Understanding Comics" (1990) and "My Obsession with Chess" (1998-1999) and I cannot stress enough how impressed I was with this story.

My personal comic book reading tends to lean towards Horror or Superheroes, but every once in a while (usually suggested by my wife) I come across a Blankets, a Daytripper, or Violent Cases, and am simply stunned by what a author (or an author and others) can do with the form.

The Sculptor takes a look at the idea of art, and what you might give up as sacrifice to your art. In this case it follows a young sculptor who is offered a deal, total control over his chosen art form in exchange for his guaranteed death in 200 days.
The results of the deal, and of the story are stunning, and honestly, I can't say more than this.

Go read this comic now.

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